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Ny Mao / Senior sewing machine worker

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Hang Tuy Sewing Machine Process

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"I started working here since the beginning, and now I am proud of myself to be an independent woman. "


I am a leader in the sewing process. My job is to manage my team in order to achieve the daily production target. I sew rush grass, and canvas or leather together to make our final product. I always keep professionalism in mind to make high-quality products, with the tailoring, color and everything perfectly made. Since working at Kamonohashi, I have started making many friends and I am so happy to work with them every day. The most rewarding part of my job is that I see customers, smiling when they buy our products, which builds my confidence and proves that our products are appreciated. This also motivates me to continue working towards my dream, which is to become a tailor in my village, making use of the professional skills I learned in the community factory.

Deap Sam Ol / Dyeing process

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Deap Sam Ol / Dyeing process

We dye the carefully selected rush, locally grown in Cambodia, in a large pot at a temperature of about 40°C. Sometimes it is hard to work due to the heat, but through trainings I learned how to dye the rush beautifully, achieving the same color every time.

Rem Hing Weaving Process

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Rem Hing Weaving Process

I weave a 3m rush mat with a handloom by inserting the dyed rush one by one. We work in pairs, one inserting the rush and the other weaving it tightly into the mat. It was a slow process when I first started, but now I can weave one mat in only one day because I developed a sense of rhythm and cooperation.

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Lai Srey Lim/ Our producer

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