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Meet Our Craftspersons 

We provide life skills training through professional manufacturing in our factory. After spending time establishing relationships with locals and understanding the needs of vulnerable communities, we built a factory in Siem Reap in 2008.

We have created a series of two-year life skills and literacy training programs so that our producers (we call our beneficiaries ‘producers’ because they are professionals who provide valuable products to others) can still ‘learn through working’. Since our goal is to help vulnerable women to move forward in their lives, we offer a two-year job opportunity in our factory and will assist them in finding a new job afterwards. In this way, we can still maintain sustainability and change the lives of a greater number of underprivileged people. 

Visit our Community Factory
and meet Craftspersons !

We offer educational and inspiring tours of our Community Factory where we produce beautiful, ethically-made, handcrafted products. Visitors can choose from 3 unique tours :


2 Hours              $20 p/p              Min 5 people

Take a tour of our factory and visit a traditional Cambodian house, the home of one of our craftspeople, to learn about Cambodian culture and village life.

•  Experience authentic rural life surrounded by    Cambodian nature

•  Explore our producer’s home and learn about  their family

•  Participate in a Q&A session with our producer and an interpreter


1 Hours              $10 p/p              Min 2 people

Discover how our products are made from start to finish ( production process through each of our departments: Rush Selection / Dyeing / Weaving / Production / Quality Control ) and learn about SALASUSU’s mission and brand concept.

•  Learn how to weave rush with our weaving      team and interact with our producers

•  Gain insight into social empowerment, social enterprise and our employee development programs

•  Visit our factory shop to see full range of products from 3 different brands!

Create With SALASUSU

2 Hours              $20 p/p              Min 2 people

Take a tour of our factory and create a traditional Cambodian palm leaf box. A craftsperson will teach you how to make the box which you can keep as a souvenir!

•  Learn a traditional handicraft using natural materials sourced locally

•  Create your own eco-friendly souvenir

•  Interact with a producer and hear their story

* If your company would like to customize a tour to match your customer’s preferences, this is also possible. 

Tour booking information 


Tour business hours

Opening hours: 08:30-11:00 AM,

                            13:00-16:00 PM


We’re closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Cambodian public holidays.


Tour guide languages

  • Khmer

  • English

  • Japanese

  • Chinese


Extra services  

  • Return transport

  • A traditional Khmer lunch

     ( available upon request )

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