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Our story
Brand Concept

"ILove Cambodia" products made of Cambodian rush as souvenirs such as coasters, lunch mats, reusable shopping bags, flip flops, notebooks and bookmarks. The women dye the selected rush into several tropical colors such as Angkor sunrise red, Coconut passion green and Traditional lotus pink. Our skills and quality are certified by the AHA(Angkor Handicraft Association), which is "an approval" only given to limited arts and crafts organizations in Siem Reap province. As our quality is acknowledged, our products are used in 5 -star hotels.

Our Products 

​I Love Cambodia products are available at:  


SALASUSU Old Market Store



Old market, Siem Reap,

63000 Cambodia

(The shop is in front of the river)


Open Everyday

8 AM - 10 PM

+855 (0)16 808 712

+855 (0)16 610 066

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