Inspiring vulnerable women

             to hold on their dreams

Schooling in our Community Factory

We provide life skills training through professional manufacturing in our factory. After spending time establishing relationships with locals and understanding the needs of vulnerable communities, we built a factory in Siem Reap in 2008.

We have created a series of two-year life skills and literacy training programs so that our producers (we call our beneficiaries ‘producers’ because they are professionals who provide valuable products to others) can still ‘learn through working’. Since our goal is to help vulnerable women to move forward in their lives, we offer a two-year job opportunity in our factory and will assist them in finding a new job afterwards. In this way, we can still maintain sustainability and change the lives of a greater number of underprivileged people. 

Education and Life Skills
Handicraft Manufacturing
Child Care Service
Nutrition Provision
Saving System
Education and life skill

Three times a week, 20% of their workday is set aside for life skills training. The modules consist of six components, which can be practiced in our factory as well as in their daily lives.

 •  Problem solving

 •  Work Ethic
 •  Interpersonal skills

 •  Self-confidence

 •  Self-management

 •  Basic literacy

Handicraft manufacturing

We have three handicraft brands which fit different customers' needs. Our employees spend six hours a day producing handicrafts. They learn vocational skills and earn enough income to support their families.

 • SALASUSU flagship store

 • SALASUSU old market store 

 • SALASUSU online shop ( Japanese only )

Child care service 

We hire local Cambodian women to provide daily child care service for our staff, eliminating worries they might have about coming to work. Those who have children can bring them to work everyday, and even take an hour out of their workday to spend time with them. ​


 • Child Care Center 

 • An hour off for mother and children per day
 • Nutritional meal for children 

Nutrition provision

During the lunch break, producers can bring their own food to the canteen, or enjoy the dishes our kitchen staff prepares for them. It ensures they have access to healthy food and posses the knowledge of well-balanced diet. ​

 • Daily nutritional meals

 • Weekly nutrition courses
 • Yearly event to share nutrition knowledge    

    with nearby community

Saving system

It is common in rural Cambodia to incur debt when one gets sick or injured because they do not have enough money to pay for treatment. Our saving system helps prevent this. In addition to providing health insurance, we set aside $0.25 a day from their salaries which is matched by our community factory. The women can withdraw the money at any time without penalty.

 • $0.25 per-day saving matched

 • Health Insurance
 • Natural Disaster Insurance


Instead of keeping our employees with us for as long as possible, we offer a two-year contract to our producers. This encourages them to expand their horizons and challenge themselves further. We support them throughout this process by finding them job opportunities.We regularly provide career counseling and also to support discussions with their families.​

Future Planning

We provide courses to encourage them to think about their futures.


We listen to their goals and support them to achieve their potential. 


We help to ease the transition to a new workplace. 

Connect with local partnersand match job opportunities for our graduated producers  
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Our life skill training Service
 for NGOs and the private sector

Through years of practice, we were able to develop a successful training model that can create better workplaces. We directly provide innovative and proven basic competency (life skills) training to raise living standards for more underprivileged people in Cambodia.​ Besides, we provide training of trainers to NGOs and private sectors.

Training Topic Image 

Problem Solving

  • Problem Awareness  

  • Come up with solutions 

  • Problems in production  

  • Increase sales

  • Customer service (Developing) 

problm solving.png

 Work Ethic

  • Time management

  • Responsibility 

  • Emphasis on quality 

  • 5S (Working environment) 

  • Honesty and Reliability

Interpersonal Skills


  • Respecting others 

  • Word choice

  • Helping each other 



  • Self-awareness

  • Public speaking

  • Career goals

self confidence.png


  • Anger management

  • Motivation and Resilience 

  • Open-mindedness 

  • Financial management 

self management.png

Basic Literacy

  • Basic khmer language

  • Basic nutrition knowledge

  • How to prepare healthy meals         at home  and design idea menu​

Training Flow 


  • Check the situation of the trainees

  • Discuss with company management

Training Design

Training Design

  • Customized the training content.            




Active training

Active training

  • Do the training 

  • 3-4 hours /topic * 3-4 topic 



Practice & Follow up

Practice & Follow up

  • Trainees practice newly acquired skills at work

  • Follow up on the trainee's behavioral changes  




Time: 3-5days 

Time: 5-10days 

Time: 3-6 months

Time: 3-6 months

Our interactive training 

We believe that Learning through play is the most effective way to learn. Play makes it much easier for trainees to understand key messages and to start practicing the soft skills they learn.


Check the trainee's feeling
Role play
Group game
Review the game
Learn key messages
Practice skills
Successful story 

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Customer Feedback





This was extremely important training for our staff. After the life skills training provided by SUSU, they can cooperate better in teams and also help fellow team members a lot more than before. They have started asking the supervisor to assign work when there is nothing to do. They becoming more brave, overcoming their problems, and understanding that Kru Khmer is important for them. I can see their big change after the training!

Consulting service to public sector

We have started cooperating with the Cambodian government to expand life skills training nationwide. Together with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training we developed a life skills competency framework. Our national program will include life skills training curriculum, KPIs, and the TOT (Training Of Trainers) model.



Get involved in our life skills service! 

We now offer life skills training outside of our factory in order to engage with more young Cambodians. The best way to reach us is by filling out the form below, you can generally expect an answer within one business day.