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Our achievements

We have been able to gradually change the lives of disadvantaged women. After joining our factory, they have not only become financially independent, but also acquired the life skills that they need to succeed.

Our producers earn twice as much as they did before joining our program.
Our graduate producers earn 4 times more than the village average.
150+ Women have had access to life skills training and  30+ of them have graduated from our factory and moved on to better lives. 600+ beneficiaries have gained financial independence through our support.
Year by year, the annual producer turnover rate has decreased from 33% to 11%  at our community factory.
How has our life skills training impacted
our producers?

Production in our factory has increased, and the frequency of disputes both in the workplace and at home have decreased. It is not because we set up rules that they must follow, but because our producers are putting to practice what they have learned: respecting time, interpersonal skills, and problem solving. More importantly, these skills enable them to adapt to new jobs and overcome challenges more easily than before. Also, through sharing these skills with their friends and family, the impact of our life skills training spreads even further.

The life skills of producers have improved 25% on average after 5 months of training.
Currently, we have developed 60+ kinds of life skills training programs for our producers, which are interactive and easy to understand.
We have provided over 1000+ trainings in Siem Reap since 2011 and are expanding our programs to other provinces.
Everyday we are inspired by our producers

The quality of our graduates has been acknowledged by their new employers, the owners of private companies. We've received feedback that our graduates are the fastest learners in their companies. This also shows that our producers are willing to take on challenges and make changes in their lives.

Srey Phar / Graduated producer

I am 30 years old and not yet married. Most Cambodian women marry young. I fight with deeply ingrained culture and choose my own path. I am getting closer to my dream job everyday.After graduating from SUSU, I started working at a high-class Japanese restaurant called Shin in Siem Reap. I bring my younger sister to live with me in the city, who I support to study at university.
"Although there were so many struggles for me as a woman living in the rural Cambodian countryside, I know my worth, and I have learned my value and dignity."


Kamsoth Mao/ Graduated producer

From a difficult childhood to a manager in a big company, I would like to share my experience with our producers, as well as young women living in different countries.
"What is in front of you right now is not the whole world. There are much more opportunities that you might not be able to see. You have the right to get better opportunities and fight for your own life. Keep learning. It expands your horizons little by little. There is no doubt that difficulties and challenges will come to you again and again. However, after looking back at your life, you wouldn't believe how far you have gone down a road from your small goals toward your big and bright dreams. SUSU! Believe you have more opportunities and keep moving forward."


Thank you for your support ! 

Here are the voices from our producers; the working women in our community factory. Your support is very important to them. You can see how their lives have changed. We are happy to share with you these stories of real social impact.

Producer's story
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