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Welcome our new producers!

We are happy to announce that we have hired 12 new producers this year. We have invited them to join us on a journey together.

We do a lot of preparation before our new producers join our factory every year. We visit their homes to understand their family situations and interview them in order to understand their needs and difficulties. They find out about our program in various ways. Some of them are recommended by other villagers, and some of them want to work with us because they heard our program has helped many women achieve their dreams.

In order to help our producers adapt to our work environment more easily, they visit our community factory with our professional local guide before they start. Also, they visit our retail shops in the city to meet the customers face-to-face. ​ Our production team provides orientation and different kinds of training to help ease the transition. We start with a 3- month period where producers get to try out different jobs and processes of our production line. After that, they can decide which team they want to join. Our team leaders help them improve their skills and provide emotional support as well.

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